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StaySafe.Events’ mission is to help you to organise safe corporate events, to show how to stay safe as a participant and to provide you concrete and innovative digital solutions for your meetings in the deconfinement period.

StaySafe.Events will gather the latest updates & news from experts and governments regarding the event industry.

Last but not least, StaySafe.Event’s is saying thank you.

Don’t cancel your event or your meeting, transform it (digital) and make it resilient to Covid-crisis with our partners' help!


Organise a safe corporate event

StaySafe.Events & its partners are working hard on three main pillars to make your corporate event Covid-proof.


With the latest news from the government, Events & Meetings are allowed again under certain conditions :
a limitation of the number of guests depending on the respect of protocol
(Horeca, Event or CERM) and depending on the criterias.

StaySafe.Events and its experts Karin, Girben and Coline supported and united the event industry and the Belgian authorities in the developpement the CERM, the Covid Event Risk Model and its Code of conduct. An online tool that allows private and public event organizers to scan their events for potential COVID-19 safety risks. By developing the CERM and making it available for everyone, the Belgian event industry wants to contribute to a safe and responsible recovery of the event sector on a large scale.

If the event is approved, it will receive a ‘cermified’ label, meaning that it is safe for all participants to attend and that all necessary measures possible are taken.

StaySafe.Events has now 3 inhouse experts in this field that have been trained & that will help our teams to transfer your existing event into a covid-proof event, which will get the green light in the matrix & make the organisation of your events possible!

Feel free to reach our CERM experts for more information:

  • Girben Wolfs - g.wolfs@d-sidegroup.com
  • Karin Van Passel - k.vanpassel@d-sidegroup.com
  • Coline Haubruge - c.haubruge@d-sidegroup.com
  • Experts have been trained to support you in the best possible way in the creation of your future safe events and are now ready to organise your events in the safest way!


    StaySafe.Events already ordered more than 175.000 masks for different teams and partners (Google, Carrefour, Hotel Van der Valk & many more). A third order wave is in progress. Potential profit will be donated to a good cause!

    Interested to join?


    As communicated by the government, no large gathering is allowed before August 31st. Between today and the moment we will be allowed to organise physical events, we need to digitalise our ways of working and use digital solutions as alternative and complement to organise our safe events. Teams are working to arrange our studios on different solutions, find the best & secure steaming proposal, etc.

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    Protect yourself and others

    As a participant attending to an event, you have to take precautions, protect yourself and others by following the next steps


    Wear your mask

    and cover your mouth & nose
    at all time.


    Cover your cough

    with a tissue,
    then throw in the trash.



    into your elbow
    if you don’t have a tissue.


    Wash your hands

    often with soap & water for at least 20 seconds. If not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that will be available for you on the events.


    Keep distance

    as best as you can during the event, ideally with a minimum of 1,5m distance.


    Stay home

    Act like a responsible citizen & stay home when you are sick. With the help of a thermometer, organisers reserve the right not to accept a sick person at the event.


    Have a look at what is happening!
    From July 21, StaySafe.Events will present MissYou.Events at Grand-Place.

    The initiative "StaySafe.Events loves heroes" grows into "StaySafe.Events loves Brussels" with various "MissYou.Events" screenings.

    Enjoy some light & sound shows every evening from Wednesday to Sunday until 31 August
    from 22.00 to 00.30 (every 15 minutes) – at Grand-Place of Brussels.

    What are the best ways to say thank you?

    To protect yourself & others by using protection materials (masks, gel, etc.) & following the prevention steps.
    To send thank you messages to all people who deserve it.
    To donate to the heroes of Iris. You might have received a StaySafe.Mask during an event, feel free to say thank you by donating 3€ or more.
    I wish to make a donation! I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU

    Help us give superpowers to our heroes.

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    Des remerciements aux acteurs de première ligne projetés sur l'Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles

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    Did you know ?


    masks are already ordered.


    Equipment to protect your event

    All of our customers & service providers have to wear a mask to continue working safely. To do so, d-side anticipated & already ordered 2 waves of StaySafe.Masks. A first wave of 150.000 masks for our partners in the hotel sector (for Hotel Van der Valk), and a second wave of 27.000 masks for its teams, event venues and clients. Already, some clients joined and were happy to order some StaySafe.Masks for their own teams and events (Google, Carrefour, etc.).

    A third wave of StaySafe.Mask in progress!

    In order not to saturate the orders for other professions in needs. We decided to run this third wave for a delivery in late August 2020.

    Possible profit from these material orders will be donated to a good cause. This good cause will soon be announced. If your company is interested & want to join this this order (or simply receive more info information) feel free to contact us!

    As a participant, you can also participate at the StaySafe.GoodCause by paying the mask you received. All collected money will be donated as well to a good cause.

    d-side & partners already have in place these materials to make your future events safer:

    Specificities: The StaySafe.Masks are made in fabric, washable (re-usable for 1 person), with different layers and dust filter. The color is black & the mask is branded StaySafe.Events.

    Note that if your company is interested to join to order :

    • Minimum order: 200 masks.
    • Limit date to order & contact us: End of May 2020
    • Approximately date to receive the order: End of August 2020
    • Price: 3,00€ per StaySafe.Mask

    • The Sanitizer Display enables you to disinfect your hands very easily and avoid transmitting bacteria. At the same time it can display important health messages. The display includes a hand sanitizer to clean your hands and has an internal auto dispenser and platic drip tray.
    • The body température screening camera measures in 0,5s the temperature of a person in front of the camera at 1m distance. An indicator shows if the temperature is normal or if it exceeds the 37.3 degrees. If it exceeds, this device will go into alert mode and will warn the participant.

    • A kit of general signage and floor stickerings for keeping distance are created and can be used at each event and in each venue
    • Virus prevention rules clearly explained on each venues (screen, signagne, etc.)


    Don’t cancel your event,
    but change it to a digital/virtual environment!

    You don’t need to cancel your event, there are different solutions possible to make an amazing online experience of your event.

    Discover how we are ready for you.

    Interested by these solutions? Contact us.
    d-side event for creation & coordination - Gerard Fauchey | g.fauchey@d-sidegroup.com | + 32 475 66 04 67
    d-side village studio - Laurent Demeuter | l.demeuter@d-sidegroup.com | + 32 474 97 35 74
    The Egg - Caroline Daubenfeld | caroline@eggbrussels.eu | + 32 474 41 51 69
    Event Lounge - Robin Huyghebaert | robin@eventlounge.be | + 32 479 75 35 99

    Designing experiences
    is our day-to-day challenge.


    News | Latest updates from ACC & Government

    Life can only be understood backwards
    but it must be lived forwards.

    Stay safe, stay connected

    We are ready to help your coming events

    StaySafe.Events gave you advice to organise your own corporate event. If you wish, our managers would be happy to help you with coming (digital) events, just give us a call (from home)

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